Healing Indulgence

Healing Indulgence 


Penelope Prana

One who is fit to guide others on the Yoga path by her own example.

There is more to Yoga than most people know.  I like to bring awareness to the holistic nature of Yoga by teaching the subtle practices that bring us closer to meditation. These begin with a focus on attitude and intention and include awareness of breath, concentration practices and energetic alignment.

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Mudras are gestures that facilitate the body’s natural flow of energy. To me, mudras are magical.  Hastha mudras in particular, are easy to learn and provide a method of aligning subtle energies.  Some mudras use the entire body, others, such as hastha mudras use only the hands. Each mudra has a subtly different focus and mudras can be combined with a slow or energetic physical practice, dependent on your need.

I invite you share the magical world of mudras with me.

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