Healing Indulgence

Healing Indulgence 

Energetic Healer

I’m fortunate to spend most of my days in complete solitude in the rolling hills of the Barossa Valley where I take the time to harness the natural energy and build my practice of healing.

I live by the principal of Ahimsa which leads me to follow a strict vegan lifestyle.

My name is Trevor but after many years performing as a flow artist u0026amp; fire twirler most people know me by my stage name

“Trippy Trev”.

When I focus my concentration I can see the energy radiating from everything but more powerful than that, a simple interaction with another being leaves me feeling their energy.

I have two unique gifts

How it came to be

In 2001 whilst working as a senior executive with an emerging e-commerce company I discovered a major internal fraud.

The consequences were swift and devastating, a business that I had put my heart and soul into (not to mention five years of earnings) was suddenly destroyed whilst my friend and business partner fled the country and left me with nothing.

Suddenly I had to re-evaluate, I didn’t have the desire to start again but I had always felt the desire to travel more, to head off without a plan, to simply go with the flow and see where the road leads.  With Penelope by my side we bought a tent and backpacks and headed off on an adventure. I swapped my private office in the city, my black suits and silk ties for sleeping on palm fringed beaches wearing sarongs and hiking boots.

I discovered a new life and a new me, we traveled the East coast of Australia by bus, hoping on and off when ever we felt it time to move. We carried everything we needed on our backs and that’s when I realised how little I needed or wanted material possessions, I was a true capitalist who had seen the damage that greed can do and now money no longer motivated me.

The next few years saw us turn our lives around completely, we bought an old land rover and made the dirt roads our home, we traveled aimlessly, discovered who we were, forged new values, met like minded people  and eventually met our tribe in the Norther Rivers of NSW.  Then the joyous discovery, Penelope was pregnant, but living in a land rover with no job, no income and a baby on the way meant we had to make some changes.

We returned to our home state and settled in a quiet country town. I began a new business venture building websites whilst learning to be a stay at home dad.

Eventually though the desire to return to the our tribe was too great, We had been exposed to new ideas and new possibilities so this time with a small child on board we bought ourselves a small pop-top camper, registered as WOOFERS and hit the road again.

As luck would have it we found ourselves in Nimbin.

Nimbin University

Nimbin is a colourful town with a small settlement and an alternative lifestyle. It is the self-proclaimed hippie capital of Australia and a delight for free-spirited explorers.

The Nimbin Aquarius festival of 1973 brought thousands of free spirited young people with alternative thinking who were looking for a sustainable lifestyles, Nimbin is often described as Australia’s equivalent to the Woodstock Festival.  The existence of a drug culture in Nimbin since 1973 has been accompanied by a prevalence of collective and public creativity: colourful and spiritually motivated art, music, poetry, craft, and fashion can all be seen on the main street. The town is known as a hotspot for alternative social activities, grassroots political discourse, and the espousal of naturalist, humanist, anarchist, feminist, libertarian, permissive, new-age, mystical, and radical social philosophies which can all be seen as collective creative endeavours.

The first lesson of Nimbin is that it’s inhabitants are not like anywhere else in Australia. 

To me Nimbin was paradise and so we stayed for 10 years. We settled in a small off-grid cabin and yurt on the side of a mountain, overlooking a private valley and stream and surrounded by animals.  It was in this place that my true education began.

For nearly a decade I spent most of my days alone whilst Penelope worked at the local university and our daughter attended the local school.  Our accommodation was basic with (eventually) a small solar system, composting toilet and fresh rainwater.  We had snakes in the ceiling, café blinds for walls and open timber decking for floors. I spent everyday outside in silence and solitude and soon found myself connected to the energy of the earth in a way I had never imagined.

Time to think

With time on my hands and surrounded by a community of inclusive creative thinkers and artists I began to explore.  I immersed myself in flow arts, and began performing.  I would walk to town in the morning and spend the day performing for the tourists on the street, I would travel to markets and festivals to perform just to share the joy.  As I was reveling in this alternative life I also became intensely interested in alternative health and energetic healing.  I have some physical disabilities and have not had great experiences with our western medical system so I began to read and study.  I took courses in homeopathy and Reiki, and became interested in sound baths and the power of singing bowls. I read extensively and eventually took a sabbatical to study at the Thai Massage School of Chang Mai.

The longer I spent living in paradise and working on myself the stronger I felt my powers grow.  I had always felt the emotions of others but hadn’t acknowledge their significance, now I couldn’t ignore it.

I couldn’t get enough, I wanted to improve my massage skills so eventually I registered to study Lomi Lomi massage in Byron Bay with Tina Featherheart’s School of the Rising Healer, I will be forever grateful to her for the knowledge and skills she has passed on to me and Penelope.  Feeling empowered I began to offer massages from a clinic in the main street of Nimbin.

Learn more about our massage style

Family needs us

In 2019 we headed back to our home state.

My father was nearing 80 years old and caring for his terminally ill wife.  Penelope had ceased working for the university so we took the opportunity to move home to support my dad.

Whilst I’m needed here I continue to perform healing sound baths and offer massages but I’m also preparing for our next adventure, I’m currently converting an old school bus into our forever tiny home so that Penelope and I can continue traveling Australia and sharing our gifts.

Our future retirement home.



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